Word Count, Character Count: LibreOffice Writer

Sometimes you need to write to a specific word or character limit. LibreOffice Writer’s Word Count can help.

Opening Word Count

  • Menu: Tools –> Word Count
  • Keyboard shortcut: ALT + T then ALT + W

Screenshot shows opening the Word Count tool in LibreOfficer Writer.

This will display the Word Count dialogue box. It shows the counts for the Current selection and the Whole document.

Screenshot shows the text count for the current selection and for the whole document.

Using Word Count

To count the current selection, highlight the section of the document you want to count. Highlighting part of a word includes that word in the count.

Screenshot shows how Word Count counts hightlighted text.

If you keep Word Count open, it will count in real time as you type.

Screenshot shows Word Count counting, in real time as you type, when you keep it open.

Counting Words

Any string of characters between two spaces counts as a word. Words are also defined by tabs, line breaks and paragraph breaks. A hyphenated word counts as one word. For example, the following text counts as five words: real-time data, “??!*” and/or http://justoutsource.it.

Counting Characters

Useful for refining tweets on Twitter and writing text for Google AdWords, Word Count’s Characters count includes spaces. You may find Characters excluding spaces useful to calculate costs if you do translation work. Both types of count are there, as standard, in Writer’s Word Count.

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